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Citizendium’s Larry Sanger: Experts Make It Better

Larry Sanger was an early participant in Wikipedia, and in 2006 he founded the Citizendium, which bills itself as "the citizens' compendium." Like Wikipedia, Citizendium is an encyclopedia that invites the public to contribute content. The two share other similarities as well, but the two are distin...


SCO Gets $100 Million, Lives to Die Another Day

Here I was all ready to post my thoughts on user interfaces and ease of use, when news surfaced that the SCO Group has received an investment of $100 million to take it private. The company once claimed to own the rights to Unix and then proceeded to sue IBM and Novell for infringing its intellectua...


Live From SoCal Linux Expo: More Substance Than Style

SCALE is no Macworld. First of all, the Linux community doesn't have a charismatic marketing genius like Steve Jobs hawking products on a stage with a three-story screen behind him and an audiovisual program to make U2 jealous. No, we've got Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman -- and they're not her...


Mobile Linux: A Crowd Is Starting to Form

The world of open source mobile platforms is starting to get a little crowded. Over the past couple of days, rumors began flying that Dell is getting into the game with a phone based on Google's Android platform. Dell denies it, but the amount of attention that is being paid to this segment of the m...


I’ll Show You My Mobile Linux Platform if You Show Me Yours

A couple of developments in the mobile applications space have my head spinning. First, the LiMo Foundation announced it has increased its membership by adding six new members. Then, Yahoo introduced its mobile developer platform at CES, taking pains to point out that its apps will be compatible wit...


What’s a Derivative Work? Depends Who You Ask

When it comes to creative works, such as a drawing or a piece of writing or music, the law is pretty clear about what is a derivative work and what isn't. Not so much with software. If the software is open source -- that is, licensed under the GNU General Public License or a similar license -- the w...

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